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Endodontic Excellence in Reston, VA offers specialized endodontic treatment in a friendly, relaxed environment. Please take a look at the advanced services we offer to preserve teeth.
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Here at Endodontic Excellence, we provide advanced endodontic treatment, which is described below. An endodontic specialist exclusively performs these highly technical treatments to preserve your natural teeth.

If you were referred to our office by your dentist, we can reassure you that your dentist and our team have your best interests at heart and deliver the highest standard of endodontics care.

Dr. Alan Lee and his team provide gentle treatment with a focus on your comfort and well-being. In addition, we use the latest technology that ensures your treatment quality will be best-in-class, efficient, and comfortable. 

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment

At Endodontic Excellence, we go beyond the conventional root canal treatment. Our world-renowned laser technology not only enhances the long-term outcome of your root canal treatment but also makes it pain-free during and after the procedure. 

Please visit our laser-assisted root canal treatment page for more information!

Root Canal Retreatment

The system of root canals and nerves in your tooth can be complex, which can sometimes result in persistent infection and failure of the initial root canal treatment. Because root canal retreatment is more technique-sensitive than regular root canal treatment, such cases are handled primarily by an endodontist.

At Endodontic Excellence, we use advanced laser technology to significantly improve the disinfection of the canal(s) to preserve even the most stubborn infected teeth.

Dr. Alan Lee provides gentle, expert treatment and makes every effort to restore the tooth through root canal retreatment.

Please visit our root canal retreatment page for more information!

Endodontic Microsurgery (Apicoectomy)

Sometimes an infection in the tooth may occur in an area that is inaccessible by orthograde root canal retreatment. 

In such cases, our endodontist may recommend a microscopic surgical procedure, called an apicoectomy, to remove the infected root tips and allow the tooth to heal.

Dr. Alan has had advanced training and is an expert at performing microsurgeries, including apicoectomies. 

Please visit our endodontic microsurgery page for more information!

Regenerative Endodontics

With regenerative endodontics, Dr. Alan Lee utilizes stem cells found at the tip of the root to promote pulp tissue regeneration. This advanced technique allows continued root development of an infected immature permanent tooth, which is especially critical for children with erupted, underdeveloped teeth.

Please visit our regenerative endodontics page for more information!

BOTOX® for Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Teeth grinding or clenching wears down and can eventually crack teeth. The consequence could be inflammation or infection of the tooth or a tooth loss if the crack or fracture extends to a root.  

At Endodontic Excellence, we offer BOTOX injections into your jaw muscles to calm down their exaggerated activity. This leads to significantly reduced grinding and clenching, subsiding jaw soreness, and minimizing the chance of tooth loss due to deep cracks.  

Please visit our BOTOX® page for more information!

Dental Trauma Management

Dental trauma is an injury to a tooth due to an accident. Dental trauma may be visible—i.e., cracked, loose, or dislocated tooth, while other signs of trauma will not be visible, although the pulp inside the tooth may be damaged.

When you or your child experience dental trauma, it’s always best to schedule an appointment with an endodontist as soon as possible, as expedient treatment will increase the likelihood of saving the tooth. Dr. Alan Lee has taught and published research on this topic and has received specialized training in dental trauma management. He will apply his expertise to ensure that any underlying damage is treated promptly and effectively.

Please visit our dental trauma management page for more information!

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