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When a minimally invasive root canal or retreatment isn’t enough to save your tooth, endodontic microsurgery may be the best option. Our board-certified endodontists are here to guide you through the process and make it comfortable and successful.

1. Consultation (45 minutes)

We understand that dealing with a failed root canal-treated tooth is frustrating. Your board-certified endodontist will help you determine the best next steps — whether that’s endodontic microsurgery (apicoectomy), endodontic retreatment, or tooth extraction. Your consultation will involve a comprehensive CBCT scan, examination, and diagnosis.

2. Comfort Amenities

Our goal is to ensure your comfort. We provide a cozy environment with a soft blanket, aromatherapy, and music of your choice. Enjoy pain-free anesthesia and sedation options, including nitrous and oral sedation.

3. Apicoectomy
Procedure (60-120 minutes)

An apicoectomy is a minor surgical procedure to remove the root tip and surrounding infected tooth tissue. Apicoectomy directly removes the abnormality. Utilizing lasers, our team can perform this procedure in a more gentle and precise manner, resulting in minimal trauma to the tissues and a more comfortable procedure for you.

4. Your Follow-up Visit

Thanks to our use of state-of-the-art technologies, you can expect a fast recovery period with little to no after-procedure discomfort or bleeding. We’ll remove the sutures 3-5 days after treatment and work with your dentist to continue monitoring the health of your tooth.

Pre-Op instructions

Post-Op instructions

The most advanced endodontics in the USA


Utilizing ultrasonic technology, Piezosurgery ensures meticulous intervention, reducing tissue impact and expediting the healing journey.

Sticky Bone and PRF

This state-of-the-art method, harnessed by an elite fraction of endodontists, leverages your body’s healing prowess to significantly enhance recovery after microsurgery.


Low-radiation technology offers a detailed evaluation of teeth, jaws, sinuses, and nerves for accurate diagnoses and safe treatment planning. Easy, non-invasive, and safe.

Surgical Microscope

With up to 25x magnification, this microscope allows our Reston endodontists to safely and precisely perform even the toughest root canals and complex microsurgeries.

Do you need a root canal?

When do I need an apicoectomy?

Endodontic surgery may be recommended when:

  • You have an infection that has formed a cyst
  • A cluster of bacteria has formed on the outer surface of the root
  • Inaccessible root canal
  • A fractured root needs to be removed from the tooth
  • A biopsy is recommended

What is the difference between an apicoectomy and endodontic retreatment?

An apicoectomy is a minor surgical procedure to remove the root tip and surrounding infected tooth tissue. Apicoectomy directly removes the abnormality, whereas retreatment induces healing by cleaning the infected root canal space. Endodontic retreatment involves re-doing a root canal procedure, removing the old filling, cleaning the canals, and then refilling and sealing the tooth.

When would an apicoectomy be performed instead of endodontic retreatment?

An apicoectomy is typically considered when endodontic retreatment is not possible or advisable. This could be due to complex root structures that are difficult to navigate, restorations that prevent access to the root canals, or cases where retreatment has already failed.

What are the advantages of laser-assisted apicoectomy?

The choice between laser technology and traditional methods, such as scalpel or drill, holds significant importance in endodontic microsurgery. Laser technology offers numerous benefits that enhance the overall patient experience. By utilizing lasers, our team can perform the microsurgery in a more gentle and precise manner, resulting in minimal trauma to the tissues. This leads to a more comfortable procedure for you, reduced bleeding, and a faster recovery period.

What should I expect as your patient?

We proudly offer the very best patient experience! Get direct access to our endodontists during after-hours and weekends through calls or texts. We also offer complimentary follow-up exams and CBCT imaging. Discover the difference.

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