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Give your tooth a second chance

Is your tooth causing problems even after a root canal? Here at Endodontic Excellence of Reston, we specialize in endodontic retreatment to help save a previously treated tooth and restore it to its full function.

1. Consultation (45 minutes)

Your board-certified endodontist will spend quality one-on-one time with you to fully understand your situation. This visit includes a comprehensive CBCT scan, diagnosis, and a personalized discussion about whether endodontic retreatment is the best choice, or if microsurgery or extraction is necessary.

2. Comfort Amenities

Our goal is to ensure your comfort. We provide a cozy environment with a soft blanket, aromatherapy, and music of your choice. Ask about pain-free anesthesia and sedation options, including nitrous and oral sedation, for your absolute relaxation.

3. Retreatment
Procedure (60-90 minutes)

We use advanced technology for meticulous retreatment. This includes removing the existing filling, disinfecting and reshaping the canal system using an Erbium laser, and refilling the canals.

4. Returning Home

We’ll provide detailed aftercare instructions and ensure the healing process goes as planned. You can then visit your general dentist for the final step — a dental crown or other permanent restoration.

Pre-Op instructions

Post-Op instructions

The most advanced endodontics in the USA


This technology employs the simultaneous use of multiple sound waves to deeply cleanse the root canals of your teeth. It not only maximizes structural preservation but also effectively reaches and eliminates infection in tight spots, which may be inaccessible with other methods.

Laser Technology

Advanced laser technology allows us to painlessly administer anesthesia and disinfect the root canal — increasing the success rate and comfort of your treatment.


Low-radiation technology offers a detailed evaluation of teeth, jaws, sinuses, and nerves for accurate diagnoses and safe treatment planning. Easy, non-invasive, and safe.

Surgical Microscope

With up to 25x magnification, this microscope allows our Reston endodontists to safely and precisely perform even the toughest root canals and complex microsurgeries.

Do you need a root canal?

What are the symptoms of a failed root canal?

Common symptoms of a failed root canal include:

  • Persistent or sporadic pain and aches
  • Swollen gums or “pimples” on your gums
  • Tenderness on your tooth or gums
  • Biting pain

Is pain in the tooth after a root canal always a problem?

Experiencing minor pain, discomfort, or inflammation after a root canal is common, and it should disappear as your tooth heals. If you experience sharp pain or intense discomfort that persists 1-2 weeks after your treatment, talk to our endodontists. We’ll outline a treatment plan based on your unique situation, taking into consideration your lifestyle needs and oral health aspirations. Sometimes, we suggest monitoring your tooth without any immediate intervention. Your best interests are always top of mind.

Is it better to retreat a root canal or have a tooth extraction?

If salvageable, the priority should be to preserve your natural tooth. Extracting an affected tooth can result in complications like difficulties in chewing comfortably and misalignment of adjacent teeth, leading to various oral health issues. Given the opportunity, our endodontists strongly advocate for endodontic retreatment as the preferred option, ensuring the best possible long-term oral health outcomes.

Implant or endodontic retreatment — which is better?

An implant is not an alternative to endodontic treatment but rather an option for replacing a missing tooth after extraction. The real question is whether it’s better to preserve the natural tooth through endodontic treatment or opt for extraction and subsequent implantation. In many cases, saving the natural tooth through endodontic treatment is preferred as it maintains functionality and prevents the need for more extensive procedures. However, dental implants can be a suitable option for replacing extracted teeth. Keep in mind that dental implants may be more time-consuming and expensive, and may not be covered by dental insurance. Ultimately, the decision depends on individual circumstances, and consulting with your endodontist is crucial to determine the most appropriate treatment plan that aligns with both your oral health needs and financial circumstances.

What should I expect as your patient?

We proudly offer the very best patient experience! Get direct access to our endodontists during after-hours and weekends through calls or texts. We also offer complimentary follow-up exams and CBCT imaging. Discover the difference.

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