Laser-Assisted Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is one of the most misunderstood procedures in dentistry. Many people believe the myth that it's an uncomfortable or complicated procedure, but it's actually the infection in your tooth that causes discomfort.

Modern root canal treatment clears up the infection and effectively relieves your toothache through a comfortable process.

An Endodontic Specialist in Reston, VA

Dr. Alan Lee is an experienced endodontist who has performed thousands of successful root canal treatments. He obtained his dental education from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, one of the most renowned dental schools in the world.

Our professional team's number one priority is to deliver the best pain-free root canal experience. Using leading-edge technology and in-depth knowledge of oral and facial anatomy, Dr. Alan Lee develops a treatment plan with you to ensure that your procedure is efficient and achieves the best possible results.

At Endodontic Excellence, caring is our specialty. We go the extra mile to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible throughout your entire experience with us—we provide special touches like personalized TV or music selections and wireless headphones. Calming aromatherapy, air purifier, and sanitized blankets in our treatment rooms all help soothe your anxiety.

If your dentist recommends root canal treatment or you experience any of the symptoms listed below, please call us so we can help you.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Your teeth contain dental pulp consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that keep the tooth healthy and alive.

If you have a deep cavity, crack in the tooth, or dental trauma, the dental pulp may get exposed to bacteria. This can lead to inflammation, infection, or a dental abscess, which could cause excruciating pain.

In most cases, the only predictable solution to provide relief and save your tooth is root canal treatment, where we clear away the affected pulp. Without prompt proper treatment, the symptoms could get worse, and the tooth may become non-salvageable.

What Are Signs That I May Need Root Canal Treatment?

Numerous symptoms signal an inflamed, infected, or abscessed tooth requiring root canal treatment:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Puffy, inflamed, bleeding gums
  • A raised bump or swelling of your gums
  • Sensitivity or pain to touch, chewing, and cold or hot temperatures
  • Throbbing pain or dull ache occurring randomly
  • Tooth discoloration or darkening

In some cases, the symptoms may disappear for some time or seem to improve with medication, but that doesn't mean the infection is gone, and you should still seek treatment. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call Endodontic Excellence in Reston, VA. A helpful team member will assist you in scheduling an appointment as soon as possible—on the same day if necessary.

We Always Have Your Best Interest In Mind

Occasionally, Dr. Alan Lee may suggest monitoring your tooth without any immediate intervention. Sometimes, he may recommend extraction as the best treatment option. Dr. Alan Lee tailors his treatment plan by understanding your lifestyle needs and aspirations for oral health. Through his thoughtful approach, Dr. Alan Lee will always have your best interests in mind.


What Should I Expect During Root Canal Treatment?


Dr. Alan Lee uses forefront technologies to perform a precise examination and minimally invasive root canal treatment, so you spend less time in the dental chair and maximize the chance of saving your tooth.

First, our endodontist uses a specialized 3-D x-ray (Cone Beam CT) of your teeth to ensure a highly accurate diagnosis and allow for thorough planning for your root canal treatment.

Next, laser therapy is performed over the affected area as well as for your jaw. Dr. Alan Lee takes this extra step before the root canal treatment to ensure faster recovery of your tooth with minimal after-procedure discomfort. 

Then, we will gently numb your tooth using computerized anesthetics. This advanced approach significantly decreases the likelihood of any pain in both your injection and treatment. Dr. Alan Lee meticulously confirms complete anesthesia of your tooth before he performs any procedure. 

Through the root canal treatment, Dr. Alan Lee uses a high-end surgical microscope that displays virtual augmentation over magnified visualization of small structures such as nerves of the tooth. Once the pulp and root canals are accessed under magnification, sterile nickel-titanium instruments remove every trace of the infection. 

Additionally, Dr. Alan Lee uses state-of-the-art Erbium laser technology that allows him to disinfect the root canal more comprehensively than conventional methods—increasing the success rate of the treatment significantly. 

Using these special technologies, including an advanced microscope and laser, Dr. Alan Lee can perform minimally invasive and pain-free root canal treatment.
In the final steps, Dr. Alan Lee uses advanced bio-ceramic material that is highly friendly to the surrounding tissue and slightly expands when it is set, protecting the tooth and keeping it sealed to prevent re-infection.

When these leading-edge technologies are combined with Dr. Alan Lee's exceptional skills, this results in a more comfortable dental experience, faster recovery, and better healing of the tooth. The last step is to return to your dentist, who will restore the shape and function of your tooth, typically with a crown. Dr. Alan Lee will also follow up with you to check on your progress and ensure proper healing.

Do You Have a Toothache?

If you're in pain and suspect an infected, inflamed, or abscessed tooth, we offer emergency root canals to provide relief. Please call our Reston dental office at (703) 429-9926 as soon as possible, and we will schedule your appointment on the same day if needed.

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