Reston Pain-Free

Elevating comfort during endodontic procedures

Transform your perception of dental injections

Say goodbye to anxiety-inducing dental injections and embrace a pain-free endodontic experience. We combine our expertise with the latest anesthetic technology to ensure a seamless, stress-free process every time.

Experience pain-free anesthetic technology

  • Triple-acting Cetacaine® topical anesthetic gel for pre-injection numbing
  • Laser photobiomodulation for enhanced pain-free injection
  • Computer-controlled Septodont Dentapen® for gentle anesthetic delivery
  • World’s finest 33 Gauge X-Short dental needles with triple bevel for minimal pinch
  • TuttleNumbNow (TNN) Injection Technique for effective numbing even of highly sensitive teeth

Not just numbing, but eliminating stress

Confidence in your endodontic care comes easily when you know pain is out of the equation. Advanced pain-free anesthetic technology lets you focus on the benefits of the treatment rather than any anxiety.

Discover the difference today

We’re proud to transform your endodontic care into a seamless, worry-free experience.

  • Pain-Free Anesthesia for a comfortable experience
  • Various sedation options tailored to your needs
  • Aromatherapy creating a soothing environment
  • Efficient and effective treatment with GentleWave and laser technology
  • Beverage station offering refreshments
  • Swift distraction: Netflix, Music, and YouTube to breeze through your procedure
  • Stress ball for tension relief

The most advanced endodontics in the USA

Laser Technology

Advanced laser technology allows us to painlessly administer anesthesia and disinfect the root canal — increasing the success rate and comfort of your treatment.


Low-radiation technology offers a detailed evaluation of teeth, jaws, sinuses, and nerves for accurate diagnoses and safe treatment planning. Easy, non-invasive, and safe.

Surgical Microscope

With up to 25x magnification, this microscope allows our Reston endodontists to safely and precisely perform even the toughest root canals and complex microsurgeries.


This technology employs the simultaneous use of multiple sound waves to deeply cleanse the root canals of your teeth. It not only maximizes structural preservation but also effectively reaches and eliminates infection in tight spots, which may be inaccessible with other methods.

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