Regenerative Endodontics in Reston, VA

When an adult has an infected or inflamed tooth, root canal treatment allows us to remove the infection and save the tooth. In most cases, root canal treated teeth will provide comfortable function for several years to a lifetime



What Is Regenerative Endodontics?

Adults with fully-developed teeth typically will function comfortably with a root-canal-treated tooth, yet this may be different for children. 

After a child’s permanent tooth erupts, it takes three additional years for the roots to develop completely. If a child between the ages of 7 and 15 develops an infection in an immature permanent tooth, the tooth and its roots will stop growing. While root canal therapy may be performed to clear out the infection, it will leave the immature tooth with shorter and thinner roots that are more susceptible to fracture. 

With regenerative endodontics, Dr. Alan Lee uses stem cells found at the tip of the root canals to revert the tooth’s ability to continue developing the root, and surrounding tissue, and this results in a healthy, normal, fully developed tooth.

Regenerative endodontics require a minimum of two treatment sessions and regular check-ups to monitor infection-free root development.

Vital Pulp Therapy

At its core, your teeth contain dental pulp, a living tissue consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and cells.

When the dental pulp of a tooth is damaged or inflamed by decay or trauma, it is traditionally removed through root canal treatment.

For a tooth with infected or severely inflamed dental pulp, root canal treatment is the best treatment method. However, if the injury to the pulp is mild, we can preserve a portion or all of the pulp to keep your tooth alive. We do this through a minimally invasive technique called vital pulp therapy, especially in children whose teeth are still developing.

Upon successful completion of vital pulp therapy, the sensitivity will disappear within a few weeks and your tooth will return to its normal function.

In cases where vital pulp therapy is not appropriate, we can still preserve the tooth with root canal treatment.

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