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We’re on a mission to turn your endodontic care into a source of tranquility, not anxiety

Your comfort is our top priority. Our team offers many ways to manage dental anxiety and improve the overall comfort, efficiency, and outcome of your procedure, including sedation options. Our goal is to ensure a successful, stress-free visit every time.

Nitrous Oxide

One of the most popular forms of sedation is nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas.” With a longstanding record of safety, nitrous oxide works quickly, keeps you calm and comfortable, and its effects wear off quickly so you can be back to normal.

Nitrous oxide is administered through a small nose mask, and as you inhale, you’ll start to feel a warm, pleasant sensation and a profound sense of well-being. You’ll be fully conscious and able to communicate with our team, but everything around you will seem far away and dreamy.

When we complete your procedure, we replace the nitrous oxide with pure oxygen, and as you breathe it in, you’ll feel the drowsy effects start to disappear. In a few minutes, you’ll feel alert and refreshed and be able to drive yourself home from your appointment safely.

Oral Sedation

Your endodontist can prescribe an anti-anxiety sedative for you to take conveniently about an hour before your scheduled procedure. When you arrive at our office, you’ll already feel calm, relaxed, and ready for your appointment. However, you will need a driver to get you safely home since the drowsy effects can linger from a few to several hours.

IV Sedation

Also called sleep sedation, we offer IV Sedation for those who suffer from severe dental anxiety. Our team partners with a licensed dental anesthesiologist who delivers a safe amount of sedatives intravenously and monitors your level of sedation to ensure your health and comfort.

If you choose to be sleep-sedated for your root canal treatment or other endodontic procedures, we can coordinate with your general dentist so you can receive any other needed dental procedures at the same time while you are safely sedated. The bonus is that you will sleep through the entire procedure and wake up with a healthier mouth!

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  • NPain-Free Anesthesia
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  • NSoft Blankets and Pillows
  • NWifi
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We’re on a mission to turn your endodontic care into a…

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  • NSource of tranquility, not anxiety
  • NAn empowering moment

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Who needs sedation dentistry?
We offer sedation options to help our patients who have:

  • Dental anxiety
  • An overactive gag reflex
  • Trouble keeping their mouth open
  • Special needs or a disability

Will I be loopy after IV sedation?

You will need a friend or family member to drive you home, but the effects of sedation will wear off in just a few hours.

How do I know which sedation method is right for me?

During your consultation, we will assess your needs, concerns, and medical history to recommend the most suitable sedation option for you.

What should I expect as your patient?

We proudly offer the very best patient experience! Get direct access to our endodontists during after-hours and weekends through calls or texts. We also offer complimentary follow-up exams and CBCT imaging. Discover the difference — learn more.

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