Single Tooth Whitening (Internal Bleaching)

Do you have a tooth that looks grey, yellow, or red compared to adjacent teeth? The appearance of a discolored tooth can be bothersome and impact your ability to smile confidently. We have a simple solution called internal bleaching (i.e., single tooth whitening.) that can clear up any discoloration and make your teeth look uniform and clean.

What Causes Single Tooth Discoloration?

The outer surface of your teeth can stain from food, beverages, smoking, or aging. Staining can be reduced with professional or at-home teeth whitening procedures. However, your tooth can also stain from the inside, deep within the tooth, due to the reasons listed below:

  • Dental trauma that ruptures blood vessels within the tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Bacteria that cause tooth infection, and debris of infected tissue
  • Metallic filling in the root canal(s)
  • Tooth resorption
  • Certain medications

If only a single tooth is discolored, there is a high likelihood that it has an underlying root canal issue.

What Should I Expect during Internal Bleaching?

During your consultation appointment, Dr. Alan Lee thoroughly evaluates your discolored tooth for its cause to determine whether internal bleaching is the proper treatment for your tooth.

After proper endodontic treatment is performed, Dr. Alan Lee removes the source of the discoloration and cleans the internal surface of the tooth. Then the neck level of the tooth is sealed to make the procedure safe and complication-free.

Then Dr. Alan Lee carefully prepares and delivers the bleaching material into the internal surface of the tooth and seals the tooth with a temporary filling material.

A few days later, you will start noticing the shade change of the tooth. Once it reaches the color that matches your adjacent teeth, the bleaching material can be removed from the tooth and will be ready for a permanent filling. A tooth with severe discoloration may require more than one round of internal bleaching.

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Do you have a discolored tooth or a tooth that has shown little or no results with conventional teeth whitening? If so, the underlying cause may be root canal disease. At Endodontic Excellence, Dr. Alan Lee can provide root canal treatment and internal bleaching at the same time and help you restore your smile.