Single Tooth Whitening
(Internal Bleaching)

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Do you have a tooth that looks gray, yellow, or red compared to adjacent teeth?

Does the appearance of a discolored tooth affect your smile? More importantly, it could be a sign of an underlying root canal disease, especially If only a single tooth is affected. At Endodontic Excellence of Reston, we not only address the infection but also tackle the discolration of the tooth. Our internal bleaching, also known as single tooth whitening, can restore the natural shade of the tooth, so you can smile with confidence again.
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1. Consultation (45 minutes)

Meet one-on-one with your board-certified endodontist. Teeth can appear dark and stained for various reasons. Your consultation will include a specialized 3D x-ray (Cone Beam CT) of your teeth to understand the cause of your discoloration and ensure a highly accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

2. Comfort Amenities

Your comfort is a top priority. During your endodontic procedure, we’ll set you up with a soft blanket, aromatherapy, music, and anything else you need to feel at ease. We offer pain-free anesthesia and sedation options, including nitrous and oral sedation.

3. Internal Bleaching Procedure

Your board-certified endodontist will remove the source of the discoloration and clean the internal surface of your tooth. Then the root canal area is sealed to make the procedure safe. Finally, we’ll carefully prepare and deliver the bleaching material into the internal surface of the tooth and seal the tooth with a temporary filling material.

4. Follow-up Visit

A few days after treatment, you’ll begin to notice the shade of the tooth changing. Once it reaches the color that matches your adjacent teeth, which can take up to 2 weeks, the bleaching material can be removed from the tooth and will be ready for a permanent filling. A tooth with severe discoloration may require more than one round of internal bleaching.

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What causes single-tooth discoloration?
The outer surface of your teeth can stain from food, beverages, smoking, or aging. Staining can be reduced with professional or at-home teeth whitening procedures. However, your tooth can also stain from the inside, deep within the tooth, as a result of:
  • Dental trauma that ruptures blood vessels within the tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Bacteria that cause tooth infection, and debris of infected tissue
  • Metallic filling in the root canal(s)
  • Tooth resorption
  • Certain medications

What’s the difference between teeth whitening and internal bleaching?

Professional teeth whitening is often called external bleaching. The most common methods of teeth whitening are in-office laser tooth whitening and take-home whitening treatments. Internal bleaching, however, is focused inside the tooth and the whitening process and is typically reserved for people who have had a root canal.

How long will it take to see results with single tooth whitening treatment?

You’ll begin to notice your tooth brightening within a few days. If you’re dealing with a tooth that has severe discoloration, we may recommend additional rounds of internal bleaching treatment.

What should I expect as your patient?

We proudly offer the very best patient experience! Get direct access to our endodontists during after-hours and weekends through calls or texts. We also offer complimentary follow-up exams and CBCT imaging. Discover the difference — learn more.

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