Dental Trauma Management

Dental trauma is an injury to a tooth usually caused by an auto accident, sports activities, or falling. Some dental injuries will be obvious; your tooth is visibly cracked, loose, or knocked out completely. In other cases, signs of injury are not conspicuous, but the living pulp inside the tooth may still be damaged.

Any incident that involves dental trauma can be scary and can leave you feeling stressed and worried about what to do next. 

If you have experienced any dental trauma, you should immediately consult with our endodontist, as Dr. Alan Lee has specialized training in dental trauma management and can ensure that your tooth is properly treated when needed.

At Endodontic Excellence, we will ensure that we understand your concerns and needs and deliver the most comfortable treatment possible to save your tooth and minimize your anxiety.

Dr. Alan Lee is a caring, experienced endodontist in Reston, VA, who can help save your natural tooth using leading-edge skills and technology.

How Do You Treat a Cracked or Fractured Tooth?

A crack or fracture in a tooth presents an opportunity for bacteria to enter the pulp and cause an infection. If your tooth or root is cracked, Dr. Alan Lee will first carefully assess the need for any endodontic intervention. If the tooth shows signs of infection or irreversible inflammation, Dr. Alan Lee will perform root canal treatment that removes the injured pulp and saves the tooth from extraction.

After the tooth heals, you will visit your dentist, who will restore the treated tooth with a filling or crown. 

What Happens with a Loose or Dislodged Tooth?

If you or your child’s tooth became loose, dislodged (luxated), or jammed into its socket as a result of dental trauma, this is a dental emergency, and you should call our endodontist office in Reston right away to let us know what's happening and schedule you for treatment as soon as possible.

If possible, Dr. Alan Lee will reposition the tooth in the socket at the appointment. 

Once the tooth is stabilized, he will see you again to determine whether a root canal treatment is needed to protect the tooth further.

How Can You Save a Knocked-Out Tooth?

When a tooth is dislocated (avulsed), prompt action and treatment are crucial because the tooth may be replaced in its socket successfully if it is treated within one hour. In the meantime, hold down the tooth by biting down on the surface only and avoid touching the root or any attached tissue.

Immediately placing the tooth back in its socket is optimal, but if this isn’t possible, place it in a cup of milk or hold it inside your mouth against your cheek. You must keep the tooth moist to preserve it. However, DO NOT store in water. Call our Reston dental office at (703) 429-9926 right away if your tooth has been dislocated.

Do You Have a Traumatic Dental Injury? We Can Help You!

If you have been in an accident that involves injury to your mouth or one or more teeth, we recommend that you call our skilled endodontist in Reston. VA. Dr. Alan Lee and his professional team care about your comfort and well-being and ensure that you get treated promptly to save your injured tooth.

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